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Need advice (accident!)

Subject: Need advice (accident!)
From: Felix Wong <felixksw@elaine42.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 22:11:49 -0800 (PST)
Hey all, I've been enjoying this list immensely and am sorry I haven't 
been submitting much myself.  Anyway, "Adventures of Goldie, my '69 MGB" 
can be found on my home page (
It is the Pale Primrose B that replaced my project '74 B, and is almost a 
daily driver (I bike, walk, or run for the short trips)...

Now onto the subject of the message... I was involved in my first 
collision (*weep*).  At 7:30am this morning some lady in a Porsche
rear-ended me!  What happened was this: I was at an intersection waiting 
patiently for the red light to turn green.  The road was devoid of 
drivers except for me and that woman.  There I was just waiting when this 
Porsche comes creeping up on me, slowly.  I think nothing of it.  
The light turns green.  I look left and right to make sure there are no 
cars on the orthogonal lanes attempting to blow through the intersection 
at the last minute.  No cars, coast is clear.  I put Goldie in gear.  
I start moving.  Then BAM!! the Porsche smacks my beloved MGB...

No bodily injuries, but this lady has an attitude and I am thoroughly 
pissed.  We exchange information and she has no insurance (thank goodness 
I bought insurance just 2 weeks ago, including uninsured motorist 
coverage!!!)  She immediately says she will pay for the damage, although 
"if it is over $500 you are going to have to sue me... and I WILL NOT BE 
BLACKMAILED!"  (like I said she had an attitude).  She seems confident 
that the damage could not possibly exceed $500, but I am dubious.  We will
be having coffee on Wednesday to talk, and by then I hope to have a few 
estimates.  I've already ordered all the (OEM) parts needed, with her 
permission, and they amounted to $60 dollars although that figure will go up 
if it is deemed that the old bumper can't be repaired for a reasonable amount
and hence a new one is needed.  The damage doesn't look too bad now, although 
I was distressed at the time... just a broken tail lamp lens and bezel, a 
slightly dented right rear fender, the now-crushed metal below the tail lamp 
assembly, and a bent rear bumper bar.  Which is why I am wondering if anyone 
has an OEM rear bumper in good condition they want to dispose of, or else I 
will have the lady buy Goldie a new one from TRF for $130.

On the topic of the accident, I have already verified her personal info, 
talked to an officer (who assures me I can always file a police report at 
any time if she does not pay up), and took pictures at the time of the 
accident with a camera I have in my car at all times for this purpose.  I
think I am prepared for the worst, although I'm optimistic that everything 
will go  smoothly from here.  Still I am a little downcast... I feel as 
if my best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world has been assaulted!  I know it's 
silly, but sometimes (er A LOT) I forget that Goldie, whom I try 
hard to keep in near-mint condition, is just a machine, a cheery product of
our materialistic industrialized world.

Oh, BTW, if anyone has any advice on what other actions/precautions I should 
take to ensure that Goldie "recovers" from her injury as soon possible, I 
would appreciate it.  My current plan is: (1) bring Goldie to several 
body shops (2) meet the lady for coffee on Wednesday with estimates and 
catalogs, and discuss options and payment plan; (3) receive parts from Moss 
Wednesday or Thursday afternoon; (4) bring parts to chosen body shop and 
have shop repair damage; and (5) send copies of receipts to lady and receive 
payment.  Should I ask for a deposit from the lady first?  And my California 
DMV handbook says that IF I choose to file a DMV report I have 10 days to do 
so?  (The DMV report would mean that the insurance status of the parties would
be checked, and since the lady has none they would automaticaly suspend her 
license for a year?)  Can anyone recommend a good body shop in the Palo 
Alto area?
Thanks in advance and happy (accident-free) motorin'...
      __       Felix Wong             Palo Alto, California
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        ( )    '69 MGB, '92 C'dale R500 (stiff, light, and FAST)
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