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Re: Need advice (accident!)

To:, felixksw@elaine42.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Re: Need advice (accident!)
From: (dan borrego)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 14:42:41 -0800
Dear Felix,

You aren't doing anybody a favor by not notifying the DMV. So what if she
loses her license for a year. That isn't the point. This lady sounds like
the type of person that couldn't  care less about "Goldie" or anybody
else's property. Do you really care if she loses her license for a year? Or
would you care even more if she countinued to be a nuisance and possibly
hit a pedestrian. Without insurance, putting a cast on a broken leg would
cost way more than five hundred bucks!

I'm not some "Goodie Two Shoes " with nothing else to whine about, nor am I
an insurance agent, but I don't want this uninsured person hitting one of
my kids as thay walk across an intersection.

Just my opinion
Dan Borrego
'77 MGB

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