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Re: Need advice (accident!)

Subject: Re: Need advice (accident!)
From: Mike Lambdin <E720LAM@TOE.TOWSON.EDU>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 09:05:58 -0500 (EST)
Denise,  you've been inhaling too many exhaust fumes:

>Not having insurance doesn't necessarily make her more likely to be in 
>accidents and hopefully your kids are covered by health insurance anyway.

not having insurance indicates this woman is irresponsible and why should
the victims health insurance foot the bill?!!!! as far as I'm concerned,
if the party at fault doesn't have insurance, make them sell their car,
house, the clothes off their back, to make restitution.

>Don't assume she's evil.  It's possible to be "financially responsible" 
>without having insurance.  The woman has agreed to pay.  If she doesn't, 
>then maybe it's time to think about using the CA DMV for revenge, if that's 
>your thing, but the DMV won't make her pay.  They won't even try.  They'll 

remember, Denise, the woman said she'ld pay $500, no more. contacting the DMV
is not a means of revenge, rather it's a civic responsibility to get an
*irresponsible* driver off the road.

>just put a black mark in Felix's record for having been _in_ an accident.
>The reason for the $500 limit is that's the DMV's limit.  If an accident 
>causes less than $500 dollars in damage, it doesn't matter if she had 
>insurance or not.  

I don't know how the system in your state works, but in Md. the victim doesn't
get "black mark". why should they!? as for the damage being less $500 - if the
(careless) driver doesn't have insurance or $500 what is the victim to do?

>.  According to 
>the DMV, it doesn't matter _why_ you didn't have insurance or if you paid 
>for the damage or not (so much for "financial responsibility").  They have 

resposibility, financial included, is the whole point!

>a $250 incentive to take people's licenses away because that's how much it 
>costs to get a restricted license so you can drive to work and back (so 
>much for protecting your kids from that evil woman).  There's no reason for 

Denise, you're begining to see the light - the whole idea is to get these
evil "people" off the road (although these are the type who would drive sans
insurance or a license)

thank you for listening.

Mike Lambdin

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