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Re: Unleaded fuel and valves (was: F experiences, for some odd

Subject: Re: Unleaded fuel and valves (was: F experiences, for some odd
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 29 Jan 1996 09:14:00 -0600
In <>, BOB NOGUEIRA wrote:

>He said if  I got 40,000  from the last one I was looking at 20,000 or
>less to the next one unless I replaced the seats and valves.
>Ever since 1974 when leaded gas was phased out I have heard of
>replacing the seats and valves with hardened ones, but have never heard
>anyone discuss the cost.
>Since I have my invoice right here, I thought I'd post it just in case
>there is someone else out there who, like me, has no idea what the cost
>of hardened seats come to.
>Fasten Your seatbelts please:
>4 Intakes seats              $50.40
>4 Exhaust seats              63.24
>   head kit                      49.95
>4 stellite exhaust valves 38.00
>                            parts total    201.19 
>Valve job :
> (incl) Vat , Magnaflux
>             freeze plugs    125.00
>Install 4 hard seats         40.00
>mill head .010                 68.00
>ream  guides                  36.00
>                            labor total   201.19
>Governor Bush' s cut   16.58

Be aware that you can get a rebuilt head, no exchange, with hardened
seats and stainless exhaust valves, for $365 from an outfit in Oregon
(advertises in Hemmings).  I have one, it's fine.  They get their
cores from England, I would guess the rebuild is done there as well.
I was able to get a big valve head (71-73) _without_ air induction, so
it is less likely to crack.
                                A. B. Bonds

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