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Electric tach thanks

Subject: Electric tach thanks
From: (James D. Howard II)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 96 11:50 MST
Many thanks to all you who responded to my query.  Many of you
suggested using Lindsay Porter's book.  I looked in the back of that,
and it was unclear to me which wires to switch, and which resistor to
move.  I saw the resistor they were talking about, but moving it does
not seem to change anything electrically.  That is, it seems like I am
just reconnecting it to the other end of the same wire.  I did it
anyway, and swapped the red and black wires, and cut and reversed the
loop on the back.  Now, when you turn the ignition key on, the needle
jumps to 1000 rpm, and stays there whether the engine is running or
not, until you switch off the ignition.

I have the Moss catalog, but it is buried in a box from my recent
move.  I will try to dig that out in a couple of days ( I have a balky
fuel pump to attend to, first.)

Thanks again,

James Howard
Flagstaff, AZ
72 MGB
72 Land Rover 88

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