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Re: MG's and SNOW...

Subject: Re: MG's and SNOW...
From: David Councill <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 13:45:31 -0700
>So, am I just imagining it, or is the MG a cool snow car?  (The used to have
>an optional factory ski rack you could get!)
>Dave "Snow is COOL" Hall

I have driven my 71BGT quite a bit in snow and I think it performs quite
well (so long as the snow is fresh and not more than 8" deep). Its
responsive and easy to control.

Now the heat is a different matter. Quite often I have had to carry an ice
scraper with me to scrape the inside of the window when I am driving. If its
below zero outside (or about 20 below if you go by celsius), I can still see
my breath with the car warmed up and that "powerful" heater going full blast.

With the high today expected to be 5 below (F) and the rest of the week
expected to be similar, I have succumbed to comfort and will drive my fully
heated 85 Nissan four wheel drive pickup.

But then I still have to repair the clutch in my BGT. With Moss having a
sale on the clutch assembly at $85, I can do a complete repair including the
cylinders and the fork for a little over $100. I might as well do it all if
I am going to all the trouble of separating the engine and transmission. 

But then my heated garage is still below freezing (but still quite a bit
warmer than outside).

Its cold and snowy here in Montana.....

David Councill                                                       

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