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Re: MG's and SNOW...

Subject: Re: MG's and SNOW...
From: (David Councill)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 08:38:23 -0700
James Fischer wrote:
>    The standard heater fan is a joke, and is too noisy.  I used
>    a "Muffin" fan from a company that makes them for minicomputers
>    (NOT PC or Mac fans!!! No!! No!).  There is gobs of room in
>    the space where the standard fan goes, and the fans come in
>    12-volt versions.  (Should I market a kit?)

Should you market it? Yes!

During my college days many years ago, I pondered redesigning my MGB's 
heating system. During a chemical engineering course on heat transfer, I 
started thinking of a design using a higher rpm blower and possibly altering 
the impeller diameter to pump more air over the little heat radiator.

But I never got to putting my thoughts into action, and thus fame and 
fortune was once again narrowly averted.

David Councill

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