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Re: MG's and SNOW...

Subject: Re: MG's and SNOW...
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 08:11:39 -0500
>On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, David Hall wrote:
> So, am I just imagining it, or is the MG a cool snow car?  (The used to have
> an optional factory ski rack you could get!)

    Snow, yes.  Ice, not so hot.

    I may be the last man on the planet with a set of snow chains
    for an MG Midget, but I am a die-hard.
    The heater situation, mentioned by someone else, is more a 
    function of the heater fan than the heater, but one should
    swap out the thermostat and go to a slightly higher temperature
    rating for winter, in order to allow the car to heat up at all.

    In winter, I bypass the oil cooler and swap out the summer 160 
    degree thermostat to put in a 180 degree unit.  This allows the
    block to heat up some.

    I do not have a heated garage, so I also have a neat little
    block heater to help with cold morning starts - it is magnetic, 
    and sticks on the outside of the block or oil pan - no messing 
    about required.

    The standard heater fan is a joke, and is too noisy.  I used
    a "Muffin" fan from a company that makes them for minicomputers
    (NOT PC or Mac fans!!! No!! No!).  There is gobs of room in
    the space where the standard fan goes, and the fans come in
    12-volt versions.  (Should I market a kit?)

    NOTE:  When removing the fan, make sure you have non-MG driving
    friends over.  The more the better.

        1)  Ask for help.
        2)  Hand everyone flashlights, random tools, whatever, 
            and ask them to just watch and wait, as your work 
            may require them to hand you things quickly.
        3)  Remove heater unit (drain water before others get there)
        4)  Dissassemble heater unit.
        5)  Remove fan.
        6)  Say very quietly: "Darn".  Look unhappy.

        When everyone asks what the trouble is, hold up the fan,
        (which looks like a Nordic-Track for a Gerbil) and say:

            The Main Power-Plant Gerbil escaped!  I'll need 
            a ride to the pet store to buy another!

    Ya gotta keep 'em guessing...    

No one can afford a truly open mind, since it would allow the first 
foolish idea that came along to walk in and take over the joint.
 james fischer             

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