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Re: Floor rust - B

To: (Jay Tilton),
Subject: Re: Floor rust - B
From: "W. B. Olson" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 17:00:36 CST
Sounds OK to me.  But I added a coat of spray undercoating to the 
floorpan and covered it with a layer of aluminum foil before I layed 
down the carpeting.  I dare it to rust now!!!!

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> Drat.  All these years of not having a garage have done a number on the
> floors of my B.  Not rusted through, just a nice even coating of surface
> rust on the inside.
> Looking for advice on how to treat things to minimize the chances of the
> reappearance of rust, or at least maximize the time until its return.
> Since the floor will be carpetted, appearance isn't critical.
> Right now I'm giving it a good wire brushing, which I plan to follow up with
> a dose of naval jelly, and finally a good slathering of rustoleum primer and
> paint.  What do y'all think of that?  Good enough?
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