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RE: Floor rust - B

To: "David Councill" <>,
Subject: RE: Floor rust - B
From: "Lou Nevins" <>
Date: 3 Apr 1996 15:21:27 U
Learned this from an old model A rebuilder. Pop rivit in a new piece and cover
the bottom with lots of roofing tar and or undercoat. Lasts for
From: David Councill on Wed, Apr 3, 1996 3:19 PM
Subject: RE: Floor rust - B

Jay wrote......

Right now I'm giving it a good wire brushing, which I plan to follow up with
a dose of naval jelly, and finally a good slathering of rustoleum primer and
paint.  What do y'all think of that?  Good enough?
Jay Tilton  |  | Virginia Tech

And I reply:

On my 65B, I cut the floor boards out and popriveted in some sheet metal. It
wasn't pretty but the state of Nebraska made me do it to pass their state
inspection (this was nearly 20 years ago though).

But then mine were rotting away enough that my legs got wet if I went throgh a
water puddle. And I remember snow pushing up against my rubber mat on more
than one occasion.

Those were the college years.

David Councill

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