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Water pump advice on 51 TD

Subject: Water pump advice on 51 TD
From: (Bob Dallas)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 20:48:52 -0500
As you may recall, I sent a post last week that the 51 TD started for the
first time in 25 years. Well, I have been puttering around with the motor
and other things since and I noticed a slight water leak around the area of
the water pump. I was working on the generator and had it off and then
replaced the generator and the belt and tighten the belt tension to
specifications. I then noticed more than a slight leak--water was really
coming out of the front of the engine--since the only thing I had done was
put pressure on the pump by tighting the belt, I strongly suspect that the
water pump is the problem. My shop manual says that a slight leak will more
than likely correct itself over a short period of time but this is no slight
leak.   Any advice will be appreciated.  Oh yes, I may have let the engine
get slightly overheated one time--no advice needed on that point.

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