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Re: Water pump advice on 51 TD

Subject: Re: Water pump advice on 51 TD
From: Chip Old <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 07:52:25 -0400 (EDT)
On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Bob Dallas wrote:

> As you may recall, I sent a post last week that the 51 TD started for the
> first time in 25 years. Well, I have been puttering around with the motor
> and other things since and I noticed a slight water leak around the area of
> the water pump. I was working on the generator and had it off and then
> replaced the generator and the belt and tighten the belt tension to
> specifications. I then noticed more than a slight leak--water was really
> coming out of the front of the engine--since the only thing I had done was
> put pressure on the pump by tighting the belt, I strongly suspect that the
> water pump is the problem. My shop manual says that a slight leak will more
> than likely correct itself over a short period of time but this is no slight
> leak.   Any advice will be appreciated.  Oh yes, I may have let the engine
> get slightly overheated one time--no advice needed on that point.

"Around the area of the pump" and "the front of the engine" are pretty
vague.  Can you pinpoint exactly where the leak is?  Otherwise we'll have
to waste an awful lot of bandwidth covering all the possible leakage
points and how to fix them.

Since putting additional sideways pressure on the pump by tightening the
belt seems to have increased the leakage rate, this suggests a few obvious

o The bearings are so shot that the extra pressure pulls the shaft way out
  of alignment, making it impossible for the seal to seal, and/or...
o The pump to block gasket is bad and/or the mounting bolts are loose,
  allowing the extra pressure of the tightened belt to pull the pump away
  from the block, and/or...
o While tightening the belt you inadvertantly knocked loose or damaged a
  water hose, and/or...
o All of the above.

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