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Re: Water pump advice on 51 TD

Subject: Re: Water pump advice on 51 TD
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 02:31:12 -0400
Hi There!
     I too bought a new water pump for my 1964B. I had read about the 30 sec
run in period for the pump but decided against it. This is merely to get the
water seal to seat properly. Anyway sure enough I had a small leaf which went
away in I would guess 30 miles of operation. I would carefully decide if your
leak requires more attention and see if you can find out if the leak is
indeed from the seal or hoses or gasket or bolt holes.         
Good Luck.
                                                        Dave Wyngaarden
                                                        1958 MGA (RHD)(mine)
                                                        1964 MGB (RHD)(mine)
                                                        1979 MG Midget (hers)
                                                        1980 MGB (ours)

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