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Re: Tonneau stretching?

Subject: Re: Tonneau stretching?
From: "Alan Bidgood" <>
Date: 29 Apr 1996 11:42:05 -0700

Thanks for the response, but not really the sort of answer I 
wanted to hear, now I need someone to come up with some 
'magic' antidote.  I had just recently purchsed the top cover 
used, and I am very happy with the quality, condition and 
the price I paid.  It does look as though it has been cleaned 
and 'shined up' probably with Armarol.

Anyway thanks again.

                                       ALAN B.'


One question for you Alan.....did you use any of those products on the
that would make it look shiny?  (Armoral, Clearcote etc.)  If you did, forget
trying to stretch that baby onto the studs.  These products actually "shrink"
the vinyl
used on tonneaus and convertible tops.  A few people in our club read this
last year
in an auto mag.  These products make items look shiny and new but there is a 
price to pay!  This is especially true on items that "can stretch", no
true on dash boards etc.


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