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Re: Tonneau stretching?

To: "Graham McCann" <>
Subject: Re: Tonneau stretching?
From: "Alan Bidgood" <>
Date: 29 Apr 1996 11:48:36 -0700

Thanks for the response, good point on the folding of the hood, 
but yes I have the manual, and I managed to pretty much 
achieved 'zero bump', thanks for the offer to send me a copy 
of the instructions.  Anyway this next weekend I'll be trying 
my best out in the sun to stretch it.

                                                   Alan. B.'


The sun treatment is the best and get two of you on to the fitting to ensure
maximum stretch.  Then leave it on for as long as possible to retain the
stretch.  I agree, forget the Armorall - use baby oil on all vinyl surfaces.
It takes a little while to dry, so leave it in the sun if possible,  but
watch it be absorbed by the "hungry" vinyl surface.

As a thought, have you folded the hood corrrectly to ensure the minimum
"bump" that the tonneau has to cover.

If you do not have the owner's handbook for the car (which shows the way to
do it) send me your address and I will post you copy of the how to do it.



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