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Re: Tonneau stretching?

To: (Jay Tilton)
Subject: Re: Tonneau stretching?
From: Don Mathis <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 08:39:11 -0400
>Alan Bidgood wrote:
>>Thanks I'll be trying that as well!
>>Try a hair dryer. Or, failing that, bring it in for the night and leave it by
>>a heater, put it on in the morning.
>Hmm.  Was that posted to the list?  <shrug>
>Along the same lines, might try putting it in a clothes dryer for a
>short time.
>Jay Tilton  |

Attach a 2" diameter pipe to both ends of the tonneau.  Place it between
your car and the U-Haul carrying your MGB.  Tow your MGB from Dallas, Texas
to Atlanta, Georgia on August 12-15.  If it is not stretched far enough, tow
it back to Dallas!

Any other problems out there I can solve ??

Don Mathis,Ph.D.
Member of Technical Staff
        Bell Labs Innovations
Norcross, Georgia
'61 MGA     '37 Bentley

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