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Replacing Driveshaft / OD

Subject: Replacing Driveshaft / OD
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 01:07:15 -0400
Thanks to AB Bonds and others, I discovered that my 64'B 's rebuilt Laycock D
OD unit has the wrong driveshaft installed. I ordered the complete unit from
Moss , about 1.1" longer. It was the last one in stock and it came complete
with new U-joints, flanges, etc. the "works".
Having just crawled out from under the car, my question is?
Is it possible to unbolt the flanges at each end, say diff first and OD , and
slide the whole unit out past that skidplate? Or do I have to disassemble at
the U-joints?  Obviously, my first driveshaft replacement.
Also, this unit only has about 300 miles on it since installed,so I am glad
this thread started and I was able to catch the error. 

Bruce Durgin
64'B ( I'm learning as I go...)

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