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Re: MGB Starting Problem

Subject: Re: MGB Starting Problem
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 10:01:44 PST
I'm just messing around getting to know this car stuff, but when I get this I 
retard the timing a bit, not too much or it overheats. I just use the wheelie 
thing on the side of the black plastic thing with 5 wires on the top. Turn is to
the right (I think) in the direction 'R'

But this is just a kludge, let me know if you get any good answers!


68 BGT
49 DeSoto Custom

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Subject: MGB Starting Problem
Author:  "JOSHAUGH.UK.ORACLE.COM" <> at smtpcc
Date:    06/18/96 2:24 PM

I've been very naughty and not used my MGB for a couple of months now, added 
with the fact that I've got a new shiney car, the B is sulking at me and 
refusing to start. I've tried it a few times and it's just having none of it. 
It's turning over well, pretty fast, but there just is no attempt at any 

It's been in a dry garage and I doubt very much it's damp or anything (tried 
the usual WD40, etc.). I'm sure when I recently tried it I heard the petrol 
pump ticking and fuel coming thro'. I've had a plug out and earthed it and 
couldn't see a spark when turning the engine over (although I'm not sure I did 
this properly). The points seem to be OK, with a decent gap. 

I'm getting paranoid about it as now I think it may be the petrol pump and 
when I just tried it couldn't hear it ticking. (there is petrol in the tank!). 

I've just bought a new condenser and ignition coil so this may help (hope so!). 

Any other ideas or things to try? 


'63 MGB 

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