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Big Thanks!

To: MG List <>
Subject: Big Thanks!
From: Tony Godfrey <73532.746@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 01 Dec 96 10:05:57 EST

  Thanks for all the helpful input on the fuel pump situation.
 I've done the cut/paste to WORD and will use the answers as
 a sort of checklist. When I bought the carbie kit from Dick Baker
 and replaced it, I noticed a "reddish-material" in the bottom of
 the fuel bowels. I cleaned it out and life was good again. It
 does sound like it maybe sludge....I looked and found no fuel
 filter....maybe its time to goto AutoZone and pick up a generic 
 one? I may want to replace the pump-stuff to make sure the
 entire system is clean.

  Thank you for all the input.

  Now....I've found a 1970 Rover 3500. Its a big, <ugly> car with
 4doors and a V8. Its sitting at a Midas shop with a new exhaust
 system. The owner of the shop says its a relative's and would be
 willing to part with it for $1500-$2000. The car hasn't been strated
 in 8 months, but "hauled real quick" when it was running. The car 
 is in fair-good shape, no rust (Aluminum?), and has a dry trunk.
 I'll pass along a phone number of the shop if anyone wants to
 talk directly to him.

  Take care.

 - Tony

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