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Sunday Paper and Hemmings News

Subject: Sunday Paper and Hemmings News
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 07:42:47 -0800
I was just looking through the Sunday paper and circulars and noticed 
something I think is a great value. K-Mart, did I say K-Mart? Yes 
K-mart has a sale on a 4 hp Compresser (Coleman) with 11 gallon tank 
and "free" accessory kit including paint spray gun, impact wrench, 
hose, tire inflator attachment and triggered air blower thingy 
(technical term), all for $280 ($279.99). Today is the day I upgrade my 

Hemmings Motor News, M&G vintage ad, MGB automatic transmission: $600. 
There were not many made and the ones that were went down under 
(ozzyland) and zero, zip, natta for US. 

There is a new web area at MG enthusiast's site, check it out. British 
Marque Car Club News at:

Hope all have a great turkey. After the last few days I will tell you 
"I am full of it". I'm wide open here, fire at will.

There are lots of tech sessions coming up, The events pages for N.E. 
USA should be updated by tommorrow morning (MONDAY):

have a nice day and Safety Fast, David Deutsch       

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