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Re: Speaking of Fiats, no LBC Content

Subject: Re: Speaking of Fiats, no LBC Content
From: pbailey <>
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 07:46:37 -0800
I bought a brand new 69 Fiat 124 coupe it was my first new car It was a
great car except it started falling apart after 40M miles But here in
1969 was a $3000 car with 4 wheel discs,5 speed trans,double OH cams,it
came with Michelen X tires and it went and cornered like hell.I was very
impressed with the engineering BUT the quality of the materials was the
problem,the windows always fogged up with a kind of goop from the seats
when parked in the heat.You had to wash it off with vinegar,one day
driving down the freeway it just quit(like an LBC) and the ignition
switch had fallen apart.The gas filler rubber started falling apart 
The seats were splitting all this on a 3 year old car so I finally had
enough and bought a japanese pickup,but I still wouldn't trade my
experiences witrh the Fiat.I remember doing70 up I5 near Mt Shasta in
the rain passing everyone EXCEPT an Alfa that blew me off!I ahd just as
much fun driving it as I do my MG but there was never the bond you get
with a LBC but then again it was a new car and maybe now if I had one it
would be different.I don't see any old Fiats for sale or on the road so
I guess the inferior material has won....Pat

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