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RE: consensus

To: "'Jeremy DuBois'" <>
Subject: RE: consensus
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 12:32:36 -0800
not sure about the spit. but all the downdraft webers I've worked with
on Fiats(don't even think about starting another thread on this one) and
MGB's only have an idle screw, mixture is set with air jets and
emulsifier tubes. If anybody has seen something else on a B I'd love to
hear about it.

>From:  Jeremy DuBois[]
>Sent:  Tuesday, December 03, 1996 9:59 AM
>To:    Randy Rees
>Subject:       Re: consensus
>> Just to set the record straight. Webers once setup NEVER have to be
>> tuned unless you change something in the engines internals. In fact the
>> only adjustment there is on a Weber is idle speed. No mixture settings,
>> nothing. This is not a bias one way or the other , just more
>> information.
>  Sorry, I'm sort of coming in to this thread in the middle but are you
>talking about the Weber DCOE's?  The Weber DGV downdraft I've got on my Spit
>does indeed have a mixture adjustment needle as well as idle speed screw. 
>I've never taken a good look at the sidedrafts though.
>  I can't take sides on the SU/Weber debate as I've never actually had an SU
>setup really running for me well enough to compare.  My MG is in pieces so
>the SUs don't get much use, and my TR3's SUs are in such desperate need of
>rebuilding that I can't use them as a judge.
>Jeremy DuBois                    
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>Thermalogic Corporation                    '60 TR3A, '74 MGB, '76 Spit

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