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Subject: RE: consensus
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 09:27:58 -0800
Just to set the record straight. Webers once setup NEVER have to be
tuned unless you change something in the engines internals. In fact the
only adjustment there is on a Weber is idle speed. No mixture settings,
nothing. This is not a bias one way or the other , just more

>From:  Jeff and Stash Blackwood[]
>Sent:  Monday, December 02, 1996 7:27 PM
>Subject:       Re: concensus
>>Would like feelings about the following for a 72 mgb:
>>webers vs standard su's
>>shocks to keep that MB feeling but improve (cushion) the ride a little -
>>been 27 years since my last mg and it wouldn't hurt my back to have a
>>forgiving ride.
>>Both of the above are for normal local and highway driving.
>>Any input would help
>From everything I've heard, the original SUs are superior to putting a Weber
>the car. They can be tuned to work almost as well as a Weber, and more
>importantly, they are more reliable and durable and will need to be tuned
>I'm used to driving trucks, so I don't mind the comparatively far smoother
>of my MGB. Don't have any suggestions/opinions there, but some may recommend
>checking into the Monroe shock conversion. Or is that for more sport tuning?
>But, I'm an originality freak, anyway. I prefer restoring my cars to the way
>they were designed. I'm breaking away from that, though, on my 58 Magnette.
>air filter is bolted under the carbs and is a complete pain in the a**.
>Best of luck, and congrats on getting back into MGs and finding this list!
>67 B
>58 Magnette (new toy)
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