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RE: consensus

To: "'Steve Krane'" <>
Subject: RE: consensus
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 00:58:08 -0500
        Okay, you asked for it!  Prepare for a huge swarm of worms from the can 
you just opened!  :)
        Here's my preferences, silly as they may sound (and probably are).  =
SU's are better than Webers.  I say this because I have no experience =
with Webers, and I like my SU's.  Hey, 2 carbs are better than 1, right? =
 No, really, a lot of folks I talk to hate Webers...they supposedly are =
a hassle to tune, (especially side-draft), and don't hold tune well.  =
Also, unless you go with a side-draft, SU's are supposed to perform =
about the same, if not better.  But, then again, a lot of folks I talk =
to love Webers...I guess it's just a matter of taste.
        Suspension.  I plan on putting a Moss coil-over conversion on the front 
of my 72, along with a Spax rear end conversion.  This is supposed to be =
a very nice, very flexible get-up.  I'll know soon enough.  It's a bit =
pricey, though...  I guestimate about $1200 to do a front and rear =
rebuild, including new rear springs, and the performance kits.  As far =
as your question about whether or not they're just for racing, I'd say =
no.  A lot of folks love their B's, but wish they were a bit more =
forgiving over the bumps.  These conversions will help.  Other folks =
want to reduce the ever-present understeer their B's allow.  These can =
also do that.  It's all in what you want.  Personally, if it doesn't =
make my car annoying to drive daily (i.e.. monster cam shaft), and will =
improve performance, I'm for it. =20
        As you can see, I'm not too much of a purist.  I figure I'll save that =
for my early 60's B....  :)



From:   Steve Krane[]
Sent:   Tuesday, December 03, 1996 1:44 AM
Subject:        concensus

Would like feelings about the following for a 72 mgb:
        webers vs standard su's
        shocks to keep that MB feeling but improve (cushion) the ride a little =
- it's=20
been 27 years since my last mg and it wouldn't hurt my back to have a =
forgiving ride.

Both of the above are for normal local and highway driving.

Any input would help


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