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UK MGOC and Oil Seals

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Subject: UK MGOC and Oil Seals
From: Phillips Kevin <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 13:30:00 +0000
I visted the MG Owners Club shop here in the UK last week and completed MY Xmas 
shopping with a few goodies that will look lovely under the tree ! - even 
on the car....

The shop also has a few odds and ends worth looking at as they have loads of 
body panels, assorted metalwork and parts on display.  They also have a couple 
of engines on stands which are handy for looking at fixingpoints and other 
you can't see when the engine is in the car... The most useful mechanical item 
is a complete engine and O/D tranny cut away so you can see the innards - spent 
a good few minutes looking around that one - very surprising how hollow a 
cylinder head seems to be with all the oil and water pathways - no wonder they 
crack !

They also have a complete Mk1 MGB and a couple of really smart MG T something 
others and a rolling frame of an MG T with engine and gearbox and wheels only, 
again worth looking at to get a feel for the mechanicals.

On a more practical note I got some advice from the guys in the workshop about 
MGB valve oil seals.  I have long been looking for a way to reduce the amount 
oil the engine burns and as a start point wanted a decent valve oil seal....

Basically the standard valve seals don't do a great deal as they are at the top 
of the valve. They advised me that 1275 Midget valve seals that are more like 
"hat" seals are the way to go.  These seals fit over the valve stem and sit on 
top of the valve guide - these will stop (or reduce) any oil leaking down worn 
valve guides and may stop an oil burner from burning as much oil

They look a bit like this :
                 __    __
                /  |  |  \
                :  |  |  :  <- Spring to maintain seal against valve stem
                |  |  |  |
                |__|  |__|
Valve stem goes up here 

A set of four for the inlet valves costs about 6 UKP so it's cheap enough to 
give them a try.  I'll be putting them in over Christmas and let you know if 
they help.

I have the part number noted at home if anyone is interested....


`74 MGB  (oily Beast)

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