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MGB Engine conversion

Subject: MGB Engine conversion
From: "Thomas James Pokrefke" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 12:09:46 -0600 (CST)
For all the MGB purists, please delete this.

To those with more liberal minds, a good friend with a 1978 MGB called me last 
night.  Hid B has been out of commission for the past 9 months, courtesy of the 
Prince.  He is now driving a leased Nissan truck that will earn him a 
penalty for exceeding mileage (if he continues the trend).  He wants to put a 
modern V-6 in his MGB and use that as his driver.  I talked him out of it based 
the increase in weight decreasing handling.

However, an interesting question did arise.  When one switches engines, it is 
necessary to change transmissions?  Rear-ends?  how complicated is the process? 
Is it hard to find a angine that would bolt up to the MGB transmission?

Any help you can offer will certainly help Jim 'get back in the fold'.

Thanks in advance,
Thomas James Pokrefke, III
1970 MGB

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