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Re: MGB Engine conversion

Subject: Re: MGB Engine conversion
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 18:04:42 -0500

I don't know all the technical stuff but I will hazard a guess that you will
find the "modern" V6 (and V8) will be lighter than the cast iron inline 4 the
MGB has.

Here's something I found in an earlier post:

>If you haven't already, I suggest the you subscribe to the MG V-8
> Newsletter. It is published every February and August by:
>         Kurt Schley
>         1855 Northview Rd.
>         Rocky River, OH 44116
> Lots of good information on converting the 'B' to v8 power plus a
> sellers and buyers marketplace.
In a message dated 96-12-05 13:23:17 EST, (Thomas
James Pokrefke) writes:
>  For all the MGB purists, please delete this.
>  To those with more liberal minds, a good friend with a 1978 MGB called me 
> last 
>  night.  Hid B has been out of commission for the past 9 months, courtesy
> the 
>  Prince.  He is now driving a leased Nissan truck that will earn him a 
> substantial 
>  penalty for exceeding mileage (if he continues the trend).  He wants to
> a 
>  modern V-6 in his MGB and use that as his driver.  I talked him out of it 
> based on 
>  the increase in weight decreasing handling.
>  However, an interesting question did arise.  When one switches engines, it

> is 
>  necessary to change transmissions?  Rear-ends?  how complicated is the 
> process?  
>  Is it hard to find a angine that would bolt up to the MGB transmission?
>  Any help you can offer will certainly help Jim 'get back in the fold'.
>  Thanks in advance,
>  Thomas James Pokrefke, III
>  1970 MGB

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