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Thumbs-up to Triple C Motor Accessories

Subject: Thumbs-up to Triple C Motor Accessories
From: Kennedy <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 20:45:15 -0800
Having received a very nice catalog of mostly regalia from Triple C motor
accessories I ordered some odds and ends for various friends and helpers.
My order arrived in record time and the merchandise is wonderful save one
item I'll get to in a minute.  Their T-shirts are top notch.  I've never
seen such good silk screening before.  No cheesey imprints that'll evaporate
after one wash here.  No, the designs and quality are very nice, and should
last a long time.  I also ordered a hat (nice embroidery), an MGB tie ($10
cheaper than Moss), and even some MG earrings to butter up my wife, that are
all top notch.

The bad news though is that I purchased a wooden knock off wrench for my
eared wheel knock-offs.  The wrench has a great design in that it slips over
the ears and you whack it rather than your new chrome.  The bad news though
is that it's made out of multi-layer plywood of about an inch and a half
thick.  After one use it became apparent that it wasn't going to take much
use before delamination occurred.  If this could be designed with a hard
rubber covering it would be great.  Anyway, I returned it and just received
a refund check with no questions asked.

I get the sense that Triple C is a small operation that believes in the
customer.  I plan on doing business with them again, and after reading
various nightmares regarding brit car vendors on this list wanted to pass on
a positive experience.  Sorry, I don't have their toll-free number, but
their York PA number is 717-854-4081.

All the usual disclaimers, no stock ownership here!

Doug Kennedy
69B Primrose

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