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RE: Help! I broke my MG!

To: mgs <>
Subject: RE: Help! I broke my MG!
From: Nick Pitt <>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 96 15:37:00 PST
     Hard to be sure from this, but here's some ideas. The fact that the 
plug was oily after driving home without that cylinder firing is no real 
     1.) Is there a spark getting to that cylinder? Check by removing the 
plug and taping it next to, but not touching the block. Turn the engine and 
see if a spark jumps from the end of the plug to the engine. (Alternately 
use an inductive timing light if you have one, if you don't then don't 
     2.) Can you test the engine's compression? If it 's noticeably lower in 
that cylinder than the in the others then it may be either the head gasket 
or piston rings. (Do you use a lot of oil?)
     Hope this gives you a starting point.

          Nick ('73 B (resting) I broke mine too, lots of times, but they 
always get better eventually with enough TLC)
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Help! I broke my MG!
Date: 08 December 1996 23:17

Hopefully, someone can give me some advice as to what happened this
afternoon.  I am a novice mechanic, and am not sure where to start.  And
until this afternoon, my 76B was a daily driver.  Here's what happened
(all possible relevent information)

I am in Pittsburgh (chilly today - 30-35 degrees).
Car was completely warmed up, and driving fine.
I saw a green light ahead that I know I needed to make if I didn't want
to wait an eternity, so I downshifted from 3rd to 2nd and started
accelerating.  RPM went up, I was accelerating, and then I was
deccelerating.  The third piston back from the front had completely
stopped firing.  I stopped the car, saw nothing immediate under the
hood, heard no mechanical bad sounds, and then limped the last mile
home.  I took out the spark plug on that piston at home, and it was
covered in black oil - enough to prevent sparking.  I cleaned off the
spark plug, the engine started (it didn't have trouble starting before),
and it seemed to have a little more power than before I cleaned the
spark plug, but it is definately not right.  I didn't see any other
obvious evidence.  It's dark and cold outside, but I will try to see if
I can find anything else.

Any immediate ideas, or anything would be appreciated.



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