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Re: Dan Hughes Day

To: The Richards <>
Subject: Re: Dan Hughes Day
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 12:40:24 +0000
The Richards wrote:
> I suggest that at least one of the Dan Hughes Day rituals be that each of us
> tell at least one person of some stupid-and-or-

Or, how just this very weekend I decided to poke under the hood of my
fairly new Dodge Dakota to see how come the gas mileage has dropped in
the last few months. 
I just picked up the truck in August. Cute little V8 shortbed with a
fancy fiberglass tonneau. And I have been carefully recording the
mileage at each gas stop and, in fact, since the first snow, the mileage
is down almost exactly 10%. I was poking and guessing with my analog
mind down in Chrysler's digital motor when the SO comes up along side.

"Honey, can I borrow the truck to get a Christmas tree."


"I'll need some more room. Will you take the three 70 pound tubes of
sand out from the back along with the bucket of rock salt and the snow


Robert Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT, '75TR6

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