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Re: break lights on a 65 MGB

Subject: Re: break lights on a 65 MGB
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 18:54:15 +0800
I took the old, dead pressure switch from my '67 B in to my local 
NAPA dealer and told him I wanted "a switch like this." He found an 
Erstatz Type 1 VW part ("Bug", to you non-Teutonic types) with the same 
threads and blade type connectors. Works just fine, looks the same, 
costs very little. Does this make my B even more of an 
Anglo-American-German-Swedish-Japanese bastard (along with my Porsche 
seats, GM HEI distributor, NGK sparkplugs,  SAAB "mushroom" PCV valve, 
and Volvo SUs)?

Jerry Causey

> I have a similar problem with my 66 and now the light don't come on no 
> matter how hard I push. I know it's in the switch. I'm going to change 
> the Master cylinder cover to a later model one with the switch on the 
> cover and just abandant the other. If that's no good I'll go for switch 
> under dash,  pedal lever activated. I figure if they changed the design 
> in later models, there is probably a good reason. There is a difference 
> in modifing and improving.  Safety Fast, David Deutsch
> This is a reply to a post concerning brake light pressure switch which 
> was tied into proportioning tee of brake line system on early Bs (pre 
> 68). The switch seems to show weakiness by needing increasingly more 
> pedal pressure to active(and light brake lamps) and then eventual just 
> quits.     

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