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Re: break lights on a 65 MGB

Subject: Re: break lights on a 65 MGB
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:13:52 -0800
I have a similar problem with my 66 and now the light don't come on no 
matter how hard I push. I know it's in the switch. I'm going to change 
the Master cylinder cover to a later model one with the switch on the 
cover and just abandant the other. If that's no good I'll go for switch 
under dash,  pedal lever activated. I figure if they changed the design 
in later models, there is probably a good reason. There is a difference 
in modifing and improving.  Safety Fast, David Deutsch

This is a reply to a post concerning brake light pressure switch which 
was tied into proportioning tee of brake line system on early Bs (pre 
68). The switch seems to show weakiness by needing increasingly more 
pedal pressure to active(and light brake lamps) and then eventual just 

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