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Re: Redline products

To: Steve Tritle <>
Subject: Re: Redline products
From: Geoff Love <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:23:06 -0500
Steve Tritle wrote:
> Has anyone had experience using Redline lead substitute and Redline SI-1
> Carb and injector cleaner in a T-series/
> I installed the MTL gear oil in my TD and it does shift more smoothly in
> cold temps. I am planning to use their 75w90 in April when things warm
> up a bit.
> Steve

 Steve:  Yes, I have used Redline prods., especially the lead
substitute. Unfortunately, I don't know if it works, because without
taking the head off my TD, any attempt to measure valve recession by
checking the tappet clearances etc., seems to be inaccurate to say the
least.  My TD has an increased compression head (8.1:1) and is
supercharged with a Shorrock pressure blower.  The blower is lubricated
by an oil feed directly off the head/rocker shaft connection, and a
metered supply is fed directly into the works of the blower.  It
therefore follows that the engine is also ingesting a certain amount of
petrol/oil mixture, not unlike a two stroke motor.  This has the benefit
of giving added upper cylinder lubrication especially beneficial during
the warm up period.  Prior to fitting the blower, I used one of the
period UCL type reserviors feeding Redline or sometimes Marvel Mystery
Oil in a controlled drip feed directly into the intake manifold.  When I
completed the restoration of my car's engine in 1988, the cylinders gave
me a reading of between 155 and 160lbs per sq. inch on a compression
test.  Fearful of valve seat recession due to U/L petrol use, I have
always striven to ensure a supply of upper cylinder lubricant and lead
substitutes to the motor, the more so now that it is 'blown' and, since
the rebuild, I have completed nearly 10,000 trouble free miles.  The
last compression test I did, (August) showed between 145 and 150 lbs.
per sq. inch.  I have no idea as to the efficacy of any of the
proprietary products purporting to be a lead substitute, but I am a
great believer in upper cylinder lubricantion despite it's proclivity to
increase pinking, especially in a supercharged engine. But I still use
Redline lead sub.  in the hope that there might be a long term benefit.

Geoff Love,  The English Connection.

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