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RE: Dan Hughes Day

Subject: RE: Dan Hughes Day
From: John Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:30:34 -0800
Okay, here's my contribution to the observance of Dan Hughes Day:

I was waiting for a friend to come over and help me remove the engine in
my '62 Corvair, a few years ago(1966).  It was 6:00 AM on a Sunday
morning, and I decided to get everything ready to go-I got underneath
and started loosening the motor mounts.  I guess I got a little too
close to the end of the threads and down it came.  When my friend
arrived, an hour later, I was still trapped under the engine/transaxle
assembly, with my hands wedged underneath so that I could breathe!

I learned my lesson, though. I sold the Corvair and bought a Mini. (The
engines are lighter.)

John Nelson
'64 AH Sprite MKIII

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