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Thanks to MJB and the digest

Subject: Thanks to MJB and the digest
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 09:45:30 -0500
Fellow B'ophiles,

As you can see from my return address I am one of those AOL "whiners" who
were placed on the digest list because my choice of ISP's. OK, I'll admit
that I was hurt a little, I have been on list for almost a year and I liked
the real time list, set up my computer to download my mail a couple of times
a day, and to my knowledge have not had more than 40 or so messages in my
"in" bin, except for last week during the "incident". However, with respect
to MJB's concerns, I can appreciate his effort as well as the problems that
he has managing the list. If I can make it easier for Mark to do his thing,
for all of us, well then, OK the "digest" it will be. Thanks for keeping me
connected, I would miss the list if I couldn't get it at all.
To the folks that feel persecuted, I can't agree that Mark has acted with
some devious intent, or that he is censoring us at all. We can still post
whatever we want, and if the "digest" is unacceptable, change ISP's.
I decided that I will change ISP's as soon as I can, as I too have had some
problems with AOL related to email and general service. Herein lies my
Apparently, not only is my choice of ISP suspect, but so is my choice of
computer. I have called two ISP's in my area and both require a system
software update, more RAM and another modem. I like my LBC and my MAC.
Frankly, I would rather spend the money on my BGT and maybe actually get to
drive it sometime in 1997. So I guess that I will stay on AOL a little
longer, at least until I can find a new ISP that doesn't require me to sell
my Macintosh for some "wintel" clone and Microsoft's Window's 95 (Apple 84).
Any suggestions?
Thanks for listening, I'll be on the digest for now.

Dave Bernier
92 MG Macintosh Powerbook 165c

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