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Re: Heat shield

To: Peter Schauss <>
Subject: Re: Heat shield
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:53:22 -0600
Peter Schauss wrote:
> In the process of removing the driver's side floor pan on my '80 B,
> I have discovered that there is some sort of heat shielding material
> (asbestos?) bonded or fastened to the floor and the inside of the
> transmission tunnel directly above the exhaust pipe.  I took a quick
> look at the Moss Motors catalog and found no reference to this part.
> Is this stuff glued to the floor and transmission tunnel or is it
> held on by some fasteners so that I can remove it without breaking it?
> If I do have to cut this stuff to get the floor out, is there any
> place where I can get a replacement?
> Peter Schauss
> 1963 BJ7
> 1980 MGB

Peter -
        I have this on my '79B.  It is a heat shield and it is factory
original.  It's purpose is to keep the excess heat generated by the
catalytic converter away from the floorpan and tunnel side.  Not sure if
it is asbestos.  Mine seemed to be some sort of fiberglass resin
material.  It is fastened with fender washers and pop rivets in several
places.  The shield is formed so that these mounting points leave about
1/4 to 1/8 inch of air space between the shield and the tunnel and
floor.  When I rebuilt my car, I had removed this prior to sending the
car to the paint shop.  I cleaned and degreased the shield.  That took a
while, because the heat from the converter had baked the oil and grease
on quite nicely, thank you.  Once cleaned, I refinished it using high
temp primer and high temp silver paint.  Looks nice and floorboards
stayed cool even after a eight hour drive this fall.  Looking through
all the catalogs that I have, I can't find these shown.  Maybe someone
else on the list knows how to get one.  If you can find someone handy
forming and welding aluminum or stainless steel, it should be possible
to have a suitable substitute made.

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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