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Re: Heat shield

Subject: Re: Heat shield
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 12:58:26 -0500
I used the Dynamat Super on the inside of  my 1969 MGB.  Its primary purpose
is sound deadening.  It is a real heavy material (like the lead apron the
dentist puts over you when taking X-rays, but thinner).  One side is sticky
the other side is metalized.  It is intended to be placed on the inside of
the car which means the metalized side is on the cool side of things.  I
works great as a sound deadener, but my feet will tell you it's not as good
for heat!

Although it is not intended to be placed on the outside of the car I suspect
that if you did a good job of preparation it may stick.  In that type
application it would probably do a adequate job of reflecting heat, but not
actually insulating.

If anyone has used it on the outside of the car let me know.

This stuff is *real* expensive.  Moss is not the cheapest place.  Although I
don't remember what I paid, I do know that I checked around Denver a found a
variety of prices.  It is typically available a the local automotive stereo

1969 MGB
In a message dated 96-12-15 09:10:51 EST, writes:

> There are several heat shield materials available thru Moss' Accessories
>  Catalog (the catalog is a companion to the main catalogs) I believe that 
> they
>  are the Dynamat brand- they make hoodliners,floor liners & also
> to
>  absorb road noise)
>  The floor liners have a reflective side to reflect the heat away from the
>  passenger compartment, & are available in large sheets that you cut & fit
>  yourself. I want to try it on the floors of my 69 roadster when I do the
>  interior over.
>  Good Luck,
>  Happy holidays,
>  Steve Bartley NAMGBR 6-2585

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