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RE: B-series timing covers & oil throwers

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Subject: RE: B-series timing covers & oil throwers
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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 12:43:50 -0500
>>It is commonly stated that:
>>a.)  The MGA-MkII and early MGB timing covers
>>      are the same part number.
>>b.)  The MGA-MkII and early MGB timing seals
>>      are the same part number.
>>c.)  When using the MGB cover on the MGA 1500
>>      or 1600 you must use the MGB oil thrower.

Looking at the section on "Production Changes by
Engine Numbers" in "The Original MGA" you will find
that not all MGA-MkII engines were fitted with the
timing cover that utilizies the rubber oil seal ... this
change did not occur until April of '62 during the last
few months of the 'A' production run (engine no 8263
of the 8851 16GC engines produced).

   "Crankshaft front oil thrower and crankshaft front
    pulley modified.  Engine front cover felt oil seal
    replaced by ruber oil seal."
Note ... the crankshaft pulley was also modified.

>>It must be right, because I've been using an early MGB
>>timing cover and seal on my MGA 1500 for years.  I've
>>also had trouble with the fit of the original oil thrower
>>from the MGA when trying to use it with the MGB timing
>>cover.  The edge of the oil thrower ring rubs on the inside
>>of the timing cover where the seal arrangement is thicker,
>>and if left to run that way will eventually wear a groove
>>completely through the cover.  My expedient solution
>>to the problem the first time around was to grind the edge
>>off of the oil thrower ring so it wouldn't touch the cover.
>>Now I would like to re-do these parts, but while looking in
>>the Moss catalogs for the MGAs and MGBs I notice that
>>they call out the same part number for the oil thrower ring
>>(433-815) on all models.  So, if Moss only has one of the
>>parts, which catalog is wrong, and which part do they stock?

Yep ... the Moss 'A' & 'B' catalogs indicate the same oil
thrower, front cover, and seal for the late 16GC and 18G
thru GFengines ... but they don't seem to list a change in
the pulleys on the late 16GC engines.

The Brown & Gammons catalog lists front cover 12H 3317
and rubber oil seal 88G 561 as an alternative to the 'A' front
cover 11G 93 and felt oil seal 2K 7140, but make no mention
of a change in the oil thrower 12H 775 or the pulley 12H 773.

The TRF 'B' catalog lists two oil throwers ... 12H 775 up to
engine 18GB11850 and oil thrower 12H 1740 thereafter ...
a single rubber oil seal 88G 561 ... and pulley 12H 963 for
18G engines up to 18GF.

My uneducated guess is that, as per your experience, a
change in the oil thrower did occur and the vendors are
>shipping the 'B' oil thrower 12H 775 .

Since you started this thread, and the conversion has recieved
the "BarneyMG Seal of Approval" ... my recommendation is
that you purchase Part No 433-815 from Moss, Part No 1-092
from VB, and part no 12H 1775 from TRF ... compare them
with an original (unmodified) 'A' oil thrower ... and report your
findings to the list. ;^)

Safety Fast! ...
                      '61 MGA 1600 MkII (w/ felt oil seal)

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