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Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers

Subject: Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 15:33:23 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-15 12:45:45 EST, writes:

<< Looking at the section on "Production Changes by Engine Numbers" in "The
Original MGA" you will find .......  this change did not occur until April of
'62 during the last few months of the 'A' production run (engine no 8263 of
the 8851 16GC engines produced).
<<    "Crankshaft front oil thrower and crankshaft front pulley modified.
 Engine front cover felt oil seal replaced by ruber oil seal."
<< Note ... the crankshaft pulley was also modified. >>

Very good!  Learn something new every day.  Now, not that it has anything to
do with the oil thrower, but just out of curiosity, would anyone know what a
late MGA MK-II crankshaft pulley looks like?  Would it be the same part
number as an early MBG pulley?
 >> looking in the Moss catalogs for the MGAs and MGBs I notice that they
call out the same part number for the oil thrower ring (433-815) on all
models.  So, if Moss only has one of the parts, which catalog is wrong, and
which part do they stock?
<< ..... The TRF 'B' catalog lists two oil throwers ... 12H 775 up to engine
18GB11850 and oil thrower 12H 1740 thereafter ...  >>
Also news to me, but the latter part number is probably not relevant to the
MGA engines.

<< My uneducated guess is that, as per your experience, a change in the oil
thrower did occur and the vendors are shipping the 'B' oil thrower 12H 775 .

My only guess is that the part that Moss supplies fits the late MGA Mk-II and
all of the MGB 1800 engines, but since it's only an assumption, I'm probably
wrong, especially since we know the catalogs are missing something here.
<< Since you started this thread, and the conversion has recieved the
"BarneyMG Seal of Approval" ... my recommendation is that you purchase Part
No 433-815 from Moss, Part No 1-092 from VB, and part no 12H 1775 from TRF
... compare them with an original (unmodified) 'A' oil thrower ... and report
your findings to the list. ;^) >>

  {:-/    {:-\    <8<((     I@#$%^&*.   I'll do my best to refrain from
calling someone a smart ass here, but he's probably right.  It's just the
sort of thing that somebody needs to do.  As I will be buying some new engine
parts almost immediately from somebody (probably Moss or VB), I will start
collecting new oil throwers as I go.  Since I don't like to place a separate
order and pay $4-$5 for shipping just for a $2 part, it could be a while
before I get the whole assortment of oil throwers.

In the interest of saving some time in getting the measurements, does anyone
have any one of these parts (loose) recently purchased from any one of these
vendors?  If anyone else is ordering parts this week, would you mind adding
one of these parts to your order, then sending it to me in an envelope via
snail mail?  Also, I don't have a TRF catalog, so would somebody please ante
up a contact number for TRF?

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA

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