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Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers

Subject: Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 01:45:27 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-16 21:48:22 EST, (David F. Darby)

<< BMC listed the 1600 oil thrower as part No. 1A1546 until engine No.
16GC/8263 at which point the No. changes to 12H775. So the oil thrower and
crank pulley changed at the same time. The timing cover and seal changed at
the same point as well, from 11G93 and 2K7140 to 12H771 and 2A939
respectively. ..... >>

OK, I think we have one more question answered.  The late MGA MK-II oil
thrower 12H775 is the same as the early MGB part.  I thought that had to be
true, just needed confirmation.

I was also chatting with George Merryweather today.  He sent along a rather
extensive (but strange) description of the early MGB oil thrower.  I couldn't
quite picture it, so I gave him a voice call to clarify it.  My best
explanation is that the MGA oil thrower is flat but with a curled up lip at
the edge, and the early MGB oil thrower is flat in two planes with a step
near the edge like a coffee saucer with a wide rim.  The overall thickness of
the early MGB part is much less than that of the MGA part.

It is also appearant that the flatter oil thrower debuted partway through the
production run of the MGA MK-II, along with the new timing cover with the
rubber seal, and the new crankshaft pulley, and that all of those parts
carried into the early MGB production.  I'm still sure that you can install
the newer cover, seal and thrower on an MGA without changing the pulley,
because I've done it with no problem.

The crankshaft pulley and oil thrower changed again at different times
farther along in the production of the MGB, but since I'm not a MGB guru,
I'll leave that for someone else to decipher.

I still think that the late MGA MK-II / early MGB oil thrower (12H775) should
not function well with the earlier MGA timing cover, but Victoria British and
Moss Motors both show only one part number for the oil thrower carrying all
the way through the MGA and MBG production.  I know better than to ask such
things of V/B, but the next time I call Moss I'll do my best to find out if
they're doing it intentionally and what their reasoning is.

BTW, thanks to George Merryweather I have a new 433-815 oil thrower comming
from Moss, should have it later this week.  George says that Moss stocks only
the early MGB type oil thrower, so I now have original MGA and early MGB
parts.  Now for comparison, does anyone have or can anyone soon get a 12H775
from TRF and/or a 1-092 from Victoria British?  My money says they all turn
out to be the same and nobody sells the correct early MGA part.

Barney Gaylord

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