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Re: Flashers

Subject: Re: Flashers
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 16:21:57 -0500
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<< A couple of questions regarding turn signal and hazard flashers on my '73
 The hazards are working fine - all bulbs light and the flash rate is
 When the ignition is on but the engine NOT running, the turn signals behave
 strangely - you hear one click of the flasher and the indicator light on the
 dash stays lit.  
 With the car running, the turn signals operate, but flash very slowly - on
 the order of once every three seconds or so (too slow for me).

I would defineitly look first and foremost at the flasher.  It sounds like
you have a bad one that is not responding to the lower voltage levels in the
battery when the ignition is simply turned on.  When the car is running,
higher voltages are being pumped through the car so the flasher is performing
a little better.  The best rememdy and teh cheapest fix is to simply replace
the unit.  If this doesn't work,, let me know and we'll probe into this some
more.  At any rate the flasher circuit is a fairly simple one, and there's
not too much that can go wrong.   

On my 1980 B the flashers are located under the glove box area under the
dash.  It's a simple matter to pop them out and replace them.  As far as
wiring them correctly, check the wiring diagram.  Note the flasher has an L
and a B terminal.   B terminal connects to the green wire and the power
(battery) side .  L terminal connects to the light green with brown wire that
runs to the switch on the stem.   Keep on flashin'
John Trifari  1955 Healey BN1/1980 MGB  

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