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Dan Hughes day

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Subject: Dan Hughes day
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 08:44:28 -0800 (PST) (8:44 am 16:44 UT)
  I was just remembering my particular 'Dan Hughes Day' event... but first,
word for our sponsor:

  I just coined a term that I think is quite appropriate:


  This does not apply to all AOL subscribers, only those that complain
and get nasty when others attempt to point out the drawbacks and sins
of their provider.

  And now, back to our LBC-content:

  My clutch was starting to chatter.  I was in the process of trying
to tidy up my affairs, um no, 'business', before moving to Europe and
getting married.  My trasher-daily-driver Toyota had hit a piece of steel
on the freeway and destroyed a tire.  TINTIN's clutch was getting really
chattery.  Very. Extremely.  Out of frustration, I gunned the engine
while starting up in first gear.  The clutch gave a herculean chatter,
sending the steel fan blade into the radiator.  It was night.  The
fan blade continued to turn in the radiator as the blades were bent
outward.  Clouds of steam arose and the stench of coolant filled the
air.  I began to scream in the car....

  Always be gentle and patient with your LBC: they ALWAYS have the last

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