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Re: Back to B's and a heater question

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Subject: Re: Back to B's and a heater question
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 12:56:40 -0800 (PST) (20:56 UT)
>Can anyone tell me why I can get heat through the defrost, but not through
 my dash? It seems strange. I've followed the recent letters on heater cores
 and such, but it seems that if I'm getting good heat through the defrost

 TINTIN is earlier, so your configuration may be different.  For a while,
I could get no defrost.  The heater would work, but as I turned the dial
to 'Screen,' I would hear a *THUP* and the heat would cut off.  When I
finally got fed up enough, I dismantled the heater and found that the
heat redirection was accomplished by moving a vent panel which used a felt
seal.  The felt seal had come unglued from the panel and would get blown
into the vent, sealing it shut.  I fixed it by taking a block of poly-
urethane foam packing material, slicing off a 1/4-inch thick piece with my
Henckles twelve-inch kitchen knife (Lost some of one fingernail, too.
That sucker is SHARP!) and gluing and pop-riveting it to the vent panel.
It has held up for sixteen years, so far.  That's one year more than the

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