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Re: Perfect Restorations

Subject: Re: Perfect Restorations
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 11:52:43 -0500 (EST)
>My other hobby is high-end car audio, and all of your complaints sound
>VERY familiar to me. ......

Not necessarily complaints, just opinions. Restoration to original
condition is not the same as $$$$$ customizing. Making sure all the
nuts and bolts are the correct size, thread etc. can be more
difficult to achieve than the installation of a hi-end audio system.

>       There is one redeeming factor about mega-buck stereo systems, though. 
>The rest of us use these systems to get new/different ideas about
>installation, customization, component choice, and wiring.                    

True, and nothing wrong with this.                                             
>  With vintage
>show cars, if you've seen one perfectly-restored example of a model, by
>definition, you've seen them all.

The whole idea is to see how well and how many of these classics autos 
are "perfectly-restored". The fact that there are few of these cars is
what makes it an endearing hobby and a challenge.

Mike Lambdin

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