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RE: Cold Air box - MGB

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Subject: RE: Cold Air box - MGB
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Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 20:50:19 -0500
> wrote:
>>Once you have the 'cold air duct' fitted you could
>>1) replace the existing air filters with a set of K&Ns
>>(the stock filters are very restrictive)

> wrote:
>>Although the air filter set up on the B looks restrictive,
>>I thought that I read on this list a while back that the
>>stock B filters were actually the best set up.  Also,
>>that the K & N arrangement was no better in terms of
>>air introduction to the twin SU's.

The following is from Peter Burgess's new book ... "How
to Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines for Road & Track":

   "The standard twin-can filters do a good job of silencing
the intake noise, and the paper filters do a good job of
keeping the dirt out, but the small intakes on the cans
seriously restrict airflow.  Replacing them with a good high
flowing filters will result in a 3 to 5bhp gain through improved
volumetric efficiency.

    The choice of filters available fails between the oiled cotton
guaze type, such a as from K&N, JR Filters or Euro Web, or
the oiled polyester foam variety from Pipercross, ITG,
Megaflow, Ramair or Jamex.  They all function pretty much
on par with each other and I,m not bothered about slight
differences in air flow capability as they can all supply engine
needs easily.  Choice really comes down to which type best
suits your budget or takes your fancy the most!."

It is important to note that when Burgess speaks of bhp
increases they are usually as measured at the rear wheels.

Let me put this another way ... if a set of K&N filters do not
increase volumetric efficiency, then why is it that when you fit a
set it is recommeded that you fit a set of richer needles?

Safety Fast! ...

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