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Subject: LBC's
From: (Philip M Haines)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 21:13:18 EST
It's still cold here in Michigan, but not as cold as in Quebec.
At least according to the short wave. I hoisted my new shortblock
up onto the engine stand. At least got it off the salty, wet floor. My
next task is to cook a pot of chili and to fix the frame of the front
room mirror. I am glad to hear about Jay Leno's exotic cars and 
TC's, A's & B's and stuff. I like Midgets best of all. My '87 fiero base
coupe is a great winter beater (no body rust). I do like its
and it does start good with 5W-30 synthetic. It needs about $3000
to put it straight. Who would put that much into a $500 car? My Midget
will probably end up costing about $8000 when all said and mistakes
corrected. I think if Jesus made his entry into Jerusalem today, He would
borrow a sports car instead of a donkey. 

Just plain Phil.

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