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Re: Alaska

Subject: Re: Alaska
Date: 22 Dec 96
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --

Your traveling philosophy sound exactly like mine. 
Having done several cross country tours in the Morgan ( its been to
every state except South Dakota, South Carolina , Wyoming and Alaska)
both alone and in caravan, I have always found caravaning to be a hassle
if all the cars try to stay together. The system which worked best was
seven cars going to California, we paired up by speed and would select a
rendezvous spot about a hour and a half down the road.  Fast cars got a
long rest period  while the slower cars got a short leg stretch,
You mentioned that you like to average 50 to 55 MPH so I assume you
travel at 70 or so? ( I get  antsy traveling at 60 to 65 MPH)

Regarding spare parts, I never carry them. If I suspect something is
going to break I replace it prior to leaving.  I Organize all my spares
in the garage before departure and leave a key with a trusted friend. I
figure that   Federal Express can have the part to me within hours if
(Not to mention the availablity of Morgan parts  at Massey Ferguson
As for those who have never made a long journey in a LBC I would relate
the story of the first  trip I ever made,  Five of the local Morgan
owners went from Dallas to Washington DC.   It was  decided that we
would take one Big American Iron so  people could switch out and travel
for a period in air conditioned comfort, so my wife ( at the time)
brought her car.
Well by the time we got to Nashville we parked it at the Airport and
left it. No one wanted to drive it or ride in it ( Including her) and
she was tired of driving alone.  
On another trip a member took a van loaded down with spares for the
Morgans. The only car to break down was the Van, for which he had no
spare parts .  
I've found the car to be its most reliable on long trips, although I did
have to pull the transmission out in the middle of a Arizona desert once
and take the  a part 70 miles to the nearest town to have a farm
implement shop do a fix on the muff coupling which had stripped out.
Down time was 5 hours.

My last trip in the Morgan was two years ago when my wife and I took two
weeks, pointed the car north and drove using only  backroads .  We had
no idea where we were headed and if we saw a sign that said " See the
Critter in the Hole Five Miles Ahead", we stopped  and saw the critter
in the hole. We  ended up in Wisconsin.

If one other car goes I'm going. Thats a promise.

(Now whats happening in South Carolina this year that worth attending?)

Bob Nogueira, Dallas TX 
64 Morgan +4
74 MGBGT    
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> Date: Saturday, 21-Dec-96 05:50 PM
> From: Barney Gaylord           \ Internet:    (
> I would prefer to travel with a small group (or groups) of 4-10 cars
> like-minded drivers.  If you get a large group of dissimilar cars and
> attitudes, the caravan will travel the shortest distance possible each
> Barney Gaylord
> 1958 MGA

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