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Re: Alaska

To: (T.J. Higgins)
Subject: Re: Alaska
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 13:03:57 -0500
>> June in Edmonton is usually always snow-free and very nice.
>"Usually"????  You sometimes get snow in June?  Yikes!
>T.J. Higgins
>Huntsville, AL
>P.S.  Go Stampeders!  Birmingham Barracudas R.I.P.

Hi TJ:

We have had snow in every month of the year.  By the way, here in
Edmonton,anyone rooting for the Stampeders would likely be tarred and
feathered.  We're Eskimo fans here.  Edmonton is the City of Champions.
Edmonton Eskimos - CFL, Edmonton Oilers - NHL, Edmonton Drillers - WFL,
Edmonton Trappers - AAA.

Edmonton and Calgary (home of the Stampeders) have been rivals in most
things for nearly a century and we are most proud of it.  Thanks for your
interest.  Seriously, however, the weather here is usually very fine from
May 24 through October 15.  You can count on warm days and pleasant nights.
High temperatures in June and July are usually in the range from 70 to 85
F.  Highest temp. ever recorded in Edmonton was 99 F.  Low humidity.  Of
course there are a few mosquitos :-.  Come on up and see us.  You'll love

Don't come now.  As I write this, 12:45 pm, the temp. is a balmy -30 C.
The windchill makes that -40 C.  There is no letup in sight.  However, on
the bright side we expect to get 7 hours and 27 minutes of daylight today.
Just think, if you came here on June 22 you'd see 17 hours and 33 minutes
of daylight.

John McEwen

Owner of entirely too many toys (according to my wife)

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