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Re: B Starter Brushes

Subject: Re: B Starter Brushes
Date: 22 Dec 96
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --

Okay, tell me if this qualifies me for a Dan Hughes Lapel pin.
My BGT, daily driver,  started having starter motor problems just as the
20 degree weather hit. I  found the brushes were worn. Got new brushes
and  spent a couple of days trying to soldier them in .  I was forced to
drive the Morgan during the Cold spell.  Well this weekend I was going
to see about getting a rebuilt starter since I had no luck attaching the
brushes. Just as I was leaving to go hunt one down I remembered I have a
parts car in the back yard;  pulled the starter from it and its in great
shape . 
Two nights in the cold garage wasted for nothing.
Now a question. The parts car starter has a rubber cover over it ( is
this for safe starting?)  I've never seen one on a care before nor have
I heard anyone mention it on the list . Looked in the VB catalog and
they don't show one either. Was this factory equipment?

Since its in "like new" condition,  I figure it  does nothing worth
while . (Nogueira's Law of Car Maintenance # 5:  " If a part is in bad
condition it will be needed for the car to run correctly;  if the part
is in like new condition  it is totally useless and the car will run
better without it."   

Let me also thank everyone who sent me suggestions on installing the

Bob Nogueira

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