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Re: Roadster Windshield

To: "Warren Pruitt" <>
Subject: Re: Roadster Windshield
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 13:03:17 -0500
>I am having trouble installing the windshield in a '70 roadster. Managed to
>get the post bolts back in but the center stay rod will not reach to the
>top of the windhield where it needs to be. I installed new gaskets and I
>suppose they are my problems. The post is not parallel with the vent window
>frame, so I know the windshield needs to be pulled back and down.
>I also need to replace the gas tank and I am not sure if I need a vented or
>non-vented tank. All of the fuel evaporative stuff has been removed but I
>don't think the tanks are exactly the same.
>Any suggestions on how to fix this puppy would be appreciated.

Hi Warren:

I had a hell of a time with the windshield in my '70 roadster.  I finally
filed the bolt hole openings in the inner front fender area in order to
gain enough angle on the windshield.  I used a die grinder to get
clearance.  Lately however, I discovered that my center rod had loosened a
bit.  No doubt the rubber gaskets are shrinking down a bit.  However this
was the only way I could even bolt it into place, never mind attach the
center rod.

I assume that you have unscrewed the ferrule on the rod as far as it will
go.  Have a look at the whole thing, loosen the bolts and then check the
clearance at the doors.  If it still needs to go back you may have to do
what I did.  It has worked fine for 5,000 miles now.  BTW, don't forget to
use lots and lots of silicone sealer under the lower gasket.  I didn't use
enough and spent the first month finding and sealing water leaks which
mysteriously emerged from under the dash and dropped in our laps.

John McEwen

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